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5th October, born in Slovenj Gradec

graduated from Grammar School: Gimnazija Ravne na Koroškem

serving the obligatory military service with the Yugoslav National Army in Bosnia

graduated from University in Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts,
degree in Ethnology and Cultural Sociology

postgraduate studies in Ethnology at VIII. University of Paris.

married to Petra Pogacnik

birth of son Dan

Slovenian PEN club member.
Autodafe, a music group presenting the author's own poetry, is founded

birth of daughter Bela

international (second) Pablo Neruda Prize in Trieste
Slovenian weekly Mladina selects the record Le Voyage Imaginare (An Imaginative Journey) by Autodafe as one of the tope five Slovenian music albums of the year.

Regional court in Slovenj Gradec decides to fine the author with a high penalty because of the novel Modri e.

The novel Modri e prescribed as the obligatory study literature for the national grammar school contest in knowledge of Slovene Language, the Cankar Award competition

swimming the distance between the Croatian islands of Olib and Silba (3,5 miles)

complaint to the Slovene Constitutional Court does not hold back the paying order. The fine ( 2. 600.000, 00 SIT) is paid to the individual, who recognised their identity in the Modri e novel.
A suit and a court process due to a newspaper article The Hornets, in which the author speaks in favour of the Slovene journalist Miro Petek, attacked and assaulted because of his writings
Vecernica Prize for the best youth and childrens' work (Luža) of the year

IBBY Honour Prize for "Luza", Capetown, South Africa.
Prize for a poem "Misli dobro in modro", at international competition Calla in poesia, Pulvero, Italia.


First public appearance: poems in Mladina weekly (Mlada pota). Poems also published in Slovenian Magazines: Razgledi, Apokalipsa, Dnevnik, Odsevanja, Mentor, Dnevnik, M'zin, PIL, Ampak.
International Publications: Corrispondence (Italy),POESIA (Italy) (ITA), Literatura-Menas (Lithuania), ORIS(Croatia).

V avtobusu (In the Bus.) Volume of poetry, published by the author himself, in co-operation with Radio Študent, a student radio station in Ljubljana.
V avtobusu (In the Bus), an audio cassette with spoken poetry, ŠKUC Forum, Ljubljana
Dr. Voice for President. Record, FRONT Rock, Maribor
Dr. Voice is the author's pseudonym

Dobre Vode (Good waters). Volume of Poetry, bibliophilic edition, self-published

Pes in plesalka (A dog and a dancer). Volume of Poetry, Knjigarna Karantanija

A Three and a Half past Midnight. Anthology of the modern Slovenian poetry in English, Društvo Apokalipsa (The Apokalipsa Society)
Dnevi poezije in vina (Days of Poetry and Wine). International Poetry Collection, ŠOU Ljubljana
Voci dalla sala d'aspeto. Poetry Collection in Italian, Society of Venice Artists
ALICA / The Slovenian Magazine, a TV Slovenia Programme, which is produced for other European TV networks, presents the work and life of the author in one of its series

Bile. Volume of Poetry, Študentska založba Ljubljana, Beletrina.
Le Voyage Imaginaire. CD by Autodafe (poetry and music by the author), Dallas Records, Ljubljana
Do grla v mulj vrašceno (Up to the throat in Mud). Modern Slovenian Poetry Anthology, Mondena, Grosuplje.
Voci dalla sala d'aspeto. Poetry Collection in Italian, Society of Venice Artists.

Modri e (The Blue E). Novel, Cankarjeva založba, Ljubljana.
Nuova Poesia Slovena. Modern Slovenian Poetry Anthology in Italian, Tržaški tist EST, Trieste.
Balloons, God, Moon, Earth. Volume of Poetry in English. A Poetry Miscellany Chapbook, University of Tenesee at Chattanooga
Slovene Sampler. Slovenian Poetry Collection in English. The Poetry Miscellany, University of Tenesee at Chattanooga.

Fire under the Moon. Contemporary Slovene Poetry. Black dirt press & PM Books, USA.
Prevaliti podobo (To roll the Image over). Town planning and regional suggestions for the development of Prevalje, the author's birth place. (Author's haiku poetry published, architectural suggestions by architects: Urša Komac, Blaž Križnik and Špela Kuhar. ) Na ladji Beletrina (At the Beletrina Ship). CD with prose and poetry of the Beletrian Authors ( together with Andrej Morovic, Dušan Merc, Aleš Šteger, Uroš Zupan, Josip Osti, Nina Kokelj …)

Portreta z ozadjem (Portraits with a Background). A short documentary film, directed by Amir Muratovic, music by Autodafe.
Plavi e (The Blue e). Movie script. Šola filmske pripovedi »Pokaži jezik«, Ljubljana .
Presheren Duo Milia.Drama. Air Beletrina, Študentska založba.

Evropa 2000- Igrivo bojišce narodov. (Europe 2000 – A Playful Battlefield of Nations). Non-fiction novel. Special Editions, Študentska založba, Ljubljana.
Iz prahu soncnih žarkov. (From the Dust of Sunrays). Short film. Directed by Petra Seliškar, music by Autodafe.
Modri e (The Blue E). Novel, second edition. Cankarjeva založba, Ljubljana.
Drevored ljubezni in vojne. (Promenade of Love and War). Novel. Cankarejva založba.
Prisluhni školjki. (Listen to the Shell). Children's picture book (together with Ana Šalamun). Didatkta, Radovljica.
Luža. (A Puddle). Children's novel. Prešernova družba, Ljubljana.
Cinema Voltaire. Les Chansones Populaires. CD. Autodafe. Special Editions, Študentska založba, Ljubljana.

Palcica.Slovenska nogometna pravljica – Koreja 2002. (Thumbellina. The Slovenian Football Feirytale – Kora 2002). Novel. Self-published, Ljubljana.

Traders with Money. Children’s play. Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana.
Samsara. Children’s picture book (together with Ana Salamun). Didakta, Radovljica.

Bile. Volume of Poetry, second edition. Študentska založba Ljubljana,




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